Ultrasound/ Radio Frequency Treatments

This is a radio frequency ultrasound for toning and tighting the face or body. Comes with a mini facial . $600 Please call for more details and ask about package deals! $600.00 per medium area. Fat cavitation ultrasound will reshape your body and get rid of fat and cellulite in unwanted area.

  • Category: Cat
  • Duration: 01:30 Hours
  • More Info: Non Surgical Facelift comes with a mini facial


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ageless fat cavitation info. and toning . click on link for more information.

pg. 2 of ageless fat cavitation and toning .

 This is a radio frequency ultrasound for toning and tighting the face and body.  Comes with a mini facial .
includes neck and decloge.

The fat cavitation ultrasound is used to contour your body to help the appearance of unwanted celulite and fat in stubborn areas.  

Both tretments effective and safe.  

Time varies per treatment and area with ultra sound and radio frequency. 

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